during their game at MetLife Stadium on October 1, 2017 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

(SP) – New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan said the front office will take a long and hard look at every aspect of the team this week in an effort to turn around a 2017 season that is “slipping away” in the first month of play.

“We entered this year with some clear goals, and to see us be at 2-2 and in second place and tied with the Patriots is very disappointing,” said Maccagnan. “We’ve won two in a row and now have the Browns up next week. We’re in real danger of going 3-2. This must stop now.”

Maccagnan said he is disappointed in head coach Todd Bowles, who was given a roster bereft of talent — yet has proceeded to win games with it.

“Last year we had some legit players on the roster and went 5-11,” said the GM. “So now I give him no one, purposely trying to lose so we can load up in the draft, and he wins? Are you a good coach or a terrible coach, Todd? I didn’t keep you around to win.”

But it’s the Jets players themselves who Maccagnan reserved his toughest criticisms for.

“No one else wanted any of them, but I gave them the jobs,” he said. “All I asked is that they continue to be awful at football, lose games and cash their checks. They couldn’t even do that. They’re the worst players I’ve ever been around, and I’m the GM of the Jets.”