(SP) – Tennis superstar Serena Williams announced today via Snapchat that she is 20 weeks pregnant. If the father is her fiance, Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian, the pregnancy would make significant Internet history by providing the first-ever evidence that a Reddit user had sexual intercourse.

“This gives hope to all of us,” wrote one Redditor on the site in a thread about the pregnancy. “This is a great day.”

“If Alex had sex, we all had sex,” wrote another. “Today I am no longer a virgin.”

But others on the site questioned whether Ohanian indeed laid with a female human.

“We don’t know for sure yet if it’s his baby,” said one comment on a new conspiracy theory thread. “We need to see a DNA test. And even if the test says that it’s his, they could have paid to fake it.”

Another pointed out that Ohanian could have inseminated Williams but not have had actual sex with her: “He probably just masturbated into a cup. I do that all the time. I’m doing it right now. That doesn’t count as sex, no matter how much I want it to.”

Most Redditors agreed that the only way they’ll know for sure if Ohanian had sex is if he no longer uses Reddit.

“Separating himself from the Reddit community would be a pretty obvious giveaway that he is sexually active,” read a comment with the most upvotes.

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