(SP) – New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo announced this evening that his barber, Glenn, has been relieved of his duties effective immediately.

“I just didn’t think Glenn was getting the job done,” said McAdoo. “I gave him some time, tried the slicked-back style, but it just wasn’t working. I needed to make a change.”

The change in barbers comes at a volatile time for McAdoo, whose Giants team is 0-2 and hasn’t scored 20 points in eight games, dating back to late November of 2016.

“The fact of the matter is that we’re struggling as a football team and the players look to me as a decision maker,” said McAdoo. “And when they see some of the decisions with my hairstyle, it’s hard for them to trust me to make the best moves for this team. I mean, if I can’t even pick a cut that doesn’t make me look ridiculous, how can I decide on a 3rd-and-4 play, right? I think this move is good for my personal appearance and the New York Giants.”

Giants quarterback Eli Manning said he supports McAdoo’s change in barbers.

“If he needs anyone to cut his hair, my mom is really good at it,” said Eli. “She’s been cutting my hair for years.”