(SP) – The trend of voters looking to far right, populist candidates seems to have hit the NBA with an alarming number of MVP voters saying they will vote for veteran center Andrew Bogut according to recent polls.

“There is no clear choice to me among the supposed mainstream candidates,” one voter said of the race thought to include just Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. “Voting for Andrew Bogut could really send a message and I happen to identify with his politics.”

In addition to Bogut, fellow far right basketball player Spencer Hawes is also receiving support from NBA voters looking for someone outside the standout player norm.

“You can tell me all about Russell Westbrook’s stats and that they’re better than Bogut’s,” said an NBA voters. “But the stats also said Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump and look what happened. I’m tired of stats. I’m ready for a change.”

Political and sports experts see the movement that has led to Brexit and the candidacies of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen beginning in the early winter of 2016 when populist candidate John Scott was placed into the NHL All-Star Game and then won MVP. Fast forward to this spring, and some think it’s realistic that Bogut or Hawes could steal enough votes away from the full field of mainstream candidates to nab the MVP award.

Bogut, who averaged 2.9 points per game this season before breaking his leg, said he appreciates the support of MVP voters, but denies that he appeals to those with a far right bent.

“I just think voters appreciate that someone like me plays the sport the right way,” he said, “and isn’t selfishly consumed by putting up lots of numbers or being productive like good players are. Also, I think all black players should have to come off the bench.”

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