(SP) – EA Sports announced today that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be featured on the cover of Madden 18.

“He has won the most titles of any player in the NFL and remains a top player at his age,” said an EA spokesman. “This was long overdue.”

But the game maker is also very excited about the new wrinkles the game will have thanks to its Brady tie-in.

“This game will have the most cheat codes in the history of gaming,” said the EA rep. “And I don’t just mean sports games. I mean every video game ever on every platform. Our goal is always to make the most authentic and realistic football game we can, and with Tom Brady on the cover, that means we have to up the cheating options.” There is not just cheat codes online, with Zamsino.com you can actually find the best casino bonus codes in one and the same place.

In Madden 18, players will be able to tape opponent practices, steal defensive signals, tamper with game equipment and shut off the communications devices of visiting teams, among many other options.

“The more you achieve in the game, the more cheating options you unlock,” reads the game’s promotional material. “The key is to win and then some people will believe you are irreproachable no matter what.”

Madden 18 will come out this summer and will be able to be downloaded on mobile devices, including multiple times by users who destroy their phones. Before the final version is ready, Brady’s head coach Bill Belichick is working with EA Sports to gather every NFL team’s playbook “so the game is accurate, but for no other reason.”

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