NEW YORK, NY — Pro wrestling champions will be honored at the White House the same as championship teams from major pro and college sports during the Donald Trump administration, this today according to Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway.

“Mr. Trump believes very strongly that professional wrestlers are elite athletes,” said Conway. “And he also received great support from the WWE community, including Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon. He wants to give them the recognition he feels they deserve.”

The announcement comes the week after Trump announced Linda McMahon as his nominee to lead the Small Business Administration and days after longtime wrestler Triple H declared the president-elect actually believes many of the storylines in wrestling are real.

The decision was immediately ripped by Trump critics, with an editorial in the New York Times calling it “undignified” and “another step towards the terrifying blurring of fact from fiction in modern American life.” However, the Times also characterized the move “as another Trumpian master stroke of getting attention from the masses for inconsequential things while he makes very real changes to America behind the scenes.”

On the other side, the news was cheered within the wrestling community and there already are reports of plans for President Trump to host a Monday Night Raw on the South Lawn of the White House this spring.

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