(SP) – While the United States remains strongly divided on racial issues and as the debate over removing statues spreads across the country, polling shows that the vast majority of Americans do agree that one statue should come down: that of quarterback Robert Griffin III on the Baylor University campus.

According to Public Policy Polling, 97% of Americans believe the Griffin statue should removed while 3% broke into laughter and did not respond to the question upon hearing a Robert Griffin statue actually exists.

“When we dug into the numbers, we did find that some support for removing the RG3 statue was because of racism and people not wanting a black man honored in any way,” said PPP spokesman Jeff Tubin. “However, the vast majority want it to come down because … well, what the hell? RG3 sucks. If he has a statue, then all statues are meaningless. An RG3 statue is offensive to all other deserved statues.”

After a Heisman Trophy-winning season with Baylor in 2011, Griffin had a stand-out rookie season with Washington in the NFL in 2012, before having his career collapse due to injury and poor play. Unfortunately, Baylor commissioner a Griffin statue off of two good seasons and then publicly unveiled it in August of 2014 before his decline really picked up speed.

Griffin, who is currently without an NFL roster spot despite being only 27 years of age, says he would like the statue to stay up.

“I really admire that statue,” said Griffin. “Look how strong its knees are. Bronze. They won’t snap in half with the slightest touch, will they? This statue is my best self.”