CLEVELAND, OH – NOVEMBER 06: Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on from the sideline in the first half against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on November 6, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

DALLAS – With the Dallas Cowboys likely to trade Tony Romo this offseason, several sources inside the organization say the team has a clear trading partner for the veteran quarterback: any NFL team willing to waive a physical as a requirement for the deal to be finalized.

“We’re looking to move forward as an organization as quickly as possible, and we can’t have a trade hung up on the fact that Tony can’t touch his toes or that he’s missing seven ribs on the left side or whatever,” said a front office source. “We need this deal to be done on faith and done quickly, no take-backs.”

There are several teams likely to have interest in Romo, including the Texans, Broncos, Chiefs, Bears, Bills and Browns, but it’s likely all would want to clear the quarterback physically before taking on an oft-injured 37-year old with three years and nearly $60 million left on his deal.

“Trade deals are by definition deals and someone is going to have to meet us halfway on this,” said a Cowboys source. “No way we’re allowing a physical, okay? How are we supposed to know what they’re saying is true? I mean, why should we trust them, you know? Maybe they’ll want to sabotage the deal and say out of nowhere that Tony’s collarbones have been replaced with the same material you use to make pinatas. I’m not saying they have, I’m just saying no team may look at Tony’s collarbones, which we had fixed by an unlicensed doctor in Reynosa, Mexico, last fall.”

While nearly a dozen NFL teams are likely to inquire about Romo’s services, it is suspected that the only team dumb enough to acquire him without requiring a physical is the Browns.

“Tony finishing his career with the Browns just feels right,” said a league source. “I don’t think anyone should stand in the way of his obvious destiny. We need to let it happen and then wit back and enjoy the magic that will take place.”

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