BRISTOL, CT – Longtime sports broadcaster Brent Musberger retired from calling games on Tuesday night at Rupp Arena, but the 77-year old is already talking to his former employer about returning to work after he reportedly lost millions in Las Vegas in his first two days of retirement.

“We are in discussions with Brent on returning to the air,” confirmed an ESPN spokesman. “Nothing has been finalized yet. But, obviously, we would always be open to having a broadcasting legend work with us. He is always welcome here.”

Musberger left traditional broadcasting to move to Vegas to be part of a start-up venture called VSiN that provides sports gambling information to bettors, but the lure of the city’s sports books was apparently too much.

Sources close to the broadcaster say he quickly went into the red upon arriving in town and tried to win it all back by betting millions on Portland State to cover against Idaho last night. But the Vandals beat the Vikings by 17, leaving Musberger essentially penniless just two days into retirement.

“Brent lost everything,” said a friend. “All his money. All his investments. All the Tostitos.”

Musberger could reportedly return to the ESPN airways — and payroll — as early as next week to call college basketball games.

“The timing would be great,” said the ESPN spokesman. “When the Super Bowl is over, American sports fans suddenly remember college basketball exists and start watching and I’m sure they’d love to hear Brent.”


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