CLEVELAND – The Browns are looking to make a big splash in the 2017 NFL Draft, trading up for the opportunity to pick No. 1 overall. The Browns dealt the No. 12 pick in the 1st Round and the first selection of the 2nd Round — No. 33 overall — to Cleveland, which held the top pick.

“There are still a lot of moving parts and we have to digest all details, but we’re obviously excited to have the first pick in the draft,” said Browns general manager Sashi Brown. “I think we’re going to get an impact player.”

Despite the internal optimism, it seems the Browns may have inadvertently traded with themselves, as the team held the No. 1, No. 12 and No. 33 picks entering the day.

“That doesn’t seem right,” said Brown. “There’s no way that … oh, no. Oh, no. I have to go. I’m sorry.”

If the Browns did accidentally make a trade with themselves, it would be unprecedented in league history and could leave the team’s draft status in limbo.

“There’s no precedent for this,” said a league source. “I don’t know if we let them draft at all three spots, two of them, one or none. We may have to look into the league taking control of the team’s draft due to this level of incompetence.”

Reached about that possibility, the team’s GM said he would be all for it.

“Oh, yes. Yes. Please let them do that,” said Brown. “I would love to not be responsible for this. The NFL can have it. I would love that.”

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