SAN JOSE, CA – Gonzaga basketball legend Adam Morrison delivered a pregame speech to the Bulldogs before their big NCAA Tournament game, telling the players to give 110% on the court and also off the court in the area of helping those in need.

“Trust me on this, if on nothing else,” said Morrison, addressing the team in rumpled clothes and a pair of weathered basketball shoes with the toes worn through. “Your basketball career will be over before you know it, so you have to make the most of every opportunity while you have them. Now, if these words have inspired you, I ask to help a fellow Bulldog out.”

Morrison then passed his hat/food bowl around the locker room for spare change. Several players refused to touch it due to the food stains and various bugs that were plainly visible.

“Come on, I know you guys get a food per diem,” said Morrison. “Anything at all would be fine. A dollar. One dollar.”

But with the players already dressed in their uniforms, none of them had money on them. Gonzaga head coach Mark Few finally stepped forward and gave Morrison a ten-dollar bill and a blanket.

“Thank you! Thaaaaank yooooouuuuu,” the former player said, rolling around and sobbing on the floor as Gonzaga players stepped over him to leave the locker room and take the court.


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