OKLAHOMA CITY – Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook failed to notch a double-double for the seventh consecutive game last night, leaving him stuck on 28 for the season. The MVP candidate put up 13 rebound and 13 assists, but also 12 points to ruin his shot at the widely-respected single-game feat.

“I try not to get too hung up on stats,” said Westbrook. “I’m just glad we got the win. But, yeah, I didn’t notice after the game when I checked the stat sheet that I didn’t have a double-double.”

Westbrook blew his shot for a double-double when he racked up five rebounds in the third quarter, giving him double figures in three categories for the night. He sat out the entire fourth quarter in the 110-79 victory over the Bucks, but head coach Billy Donovan said he did not bench his star for failing to register a double-double.

“Not at all,” said Donovan. “I’m not sure I even understand the question. The win was in hand, so I decided to give him some rest. And Russell actually got a triple-double tonight.”

A triple-double is double digits in three statistical categories. Putting up that stat line has ruined Westbrook’s shot at a double-double 41 times this season, meaning he could have posted a total of 69 double-doubles this season with still five games on the schedule.

“That’s been a real bugaboo for me this year, getting too many good numbers,” said Westbrook. “For whatever reason, I’ve just been dominating almost every game I play in. I’m not complaining. It’s just how sports go sometimes.”


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