(SP) – Former high school basketball phenom Teen Wolf, known in some circles by his given name of Scott Howard, says he is seriously considering making a comeback to the sport in wolf-form after more than 30 years away.

The teenage werewolf dominated in his senior season on the court for the Beacon High Beavers in 1985, but eventually decided he wanted to compete in human form. However, after one big performance as Scott Howard in the championship, his athletic career never materialized.

“I just don’t want to look back at my life on my death bed and wonder ‘what if,'” said the now middle-aged wolf, streaks of gray filling his fur. “In wolf form, I would have been the greatest basketball player of all-time. I had speed, strength, leaping ability. I was ferocious. I still want to see what I can do on the court.”

Wolf doesn’t believe he can become the player he could have been, but he believes he still has the ability at age to dominate regular men.

“I was given this gift and what have I done with it?” he said. “I took over my dad’s hardware store after he was killed by townsfolk. I could have done so much more. And I still think I can contribute to a team that’s looking for a missing piece.”

Middle-Aged Wolf’s agent, Stiles, has set up workouts with more than a dozen NBA teams before the NBA Draft.

“I’m just going to go out there and do my best,” said the wolf. “That’s all I can do. I want to make my wife Boof proud, and I want to make my kids, Boofer, Boofy and Scott, Jr., proud, too.”

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