(SP) – The NBA has confirmed that it still intends to require fans of the NBA’s 29 pointless teams to pay full ticket price for games during the 2017-2018 season.

“We will not give discounts or free tickets to fans to watch our many hopeless teams,” confirmed commissioner Adam Silver. “Nor will we give discounts to see our mostly-hopeless teams — the ones who, at best, could win a game or two in a series against the Warriors. Everything will remain at full price. We feel it gives the league the aura of being equal and competitive, and that is very important.”

But there has already been some blowback across the league.

“I have absolutely zero interest in paying even five dollars to watch a Hawks-Magic game,” said Hawks forward Paul Millsap. “In fact, I only show up because they pay me to be there. I’m just going through the motions out there as long as my checks clear. But I truly can’t imagine what would compel regular people to show up and watch.”

Silver said he does not view the NBA as gouging fans for an inferior product.

“I think there’s something about going to an NBA arena and watching a team that — sure, may not have any chance of contending for a championship for years and years — but maybe there’s a player or two on the team who could develop into a key piece on a title team, even if they have to leave to go to the Warriors or a future superteam to do it,” said Silver. “That’s the draw of the NBA to me for most teams. That and if you’ve never seen a dunk, we’re the best entertainment in town.”

The league also announced today that it will take over season ticket marketing for NBA teams, utilizing the uniform promotional slogan of: “See your team get destroyed by the Warriors and LeBron James in-person!”