NEW YORK – New York Knicks president Phil Jackson tweeted FUUCK CARMELO ANTHONY late last night, but soon deleted the post and has since apologized, saying it was an accident.

“That was not intentional and is not what is in my heart,” Jackson said this morning in a statement released by the team. “I mean to write FUCK CARMELO ANTHONY, but I hit an extra U. I didn’t want my actual message to get lost, so I took it down … just as Carmelo Anthony has taken down this entire franchise.”

Jackson has tweeted passive-aggressive messages alluding to his supposed star player in the past, but last night’s since-deleted comment was the most direct attack so far on the player the franchise is reportedly trying to trade. Jackson also spoke today on New York sports radio about why he seems intent on publicly degrading a player he should be trying to promote in order to get the largest possible return in a trade.

“I’ve heard people say I’m an immature little man who has proven he has no idea what he’s doing when not running a team gifted with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen or Kobe and Shaq,” said Jackson. “But if that was the case, then why would James Dolan hire me to run this team?”

Jackson then excused himself from the interview: “Thanks for the time, guys. But I need to go call some GMs and tell them Carmelo is a team killer and then see if they’ll give me their best player and a 1st Round draft pick in return.”

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