NEW YORK – Former Knicks star Charles Oakley was officially charged and arrested late last night by New York City police following an incident at Madison Square Garden involving team owner James Dolan. After yelling at Dolan and sticking a finger in his face, Oakley was eventually removed from the arena by security. He has been charged with one count of not assaulting James Dolan when he had the chance, which has been classified as a crime in New York for more than 15 years.

“Yes, we did have a high-profile arrest last night with former New York Knicks player Charles Oakley,” confirmed New York police commissioner James O’Neill. “It’s simply not acceptable to get that close to James Dolan and not lay him out. Millions of New Yorkers wish they had the opportunity to get close to Dolan and Mr. Oakley had it and did not follow through. We hope he learns from his unfortunate inaction.”

New Yorkers this morning have expressed disgust with Oakley’s behavior.

“When I heard there was an incident between Oak and Dolan, I expected to see Dolan’s body wheeled out in a stretcher, maybe his head punched clean off,” said one caller into WFAN this morning. “It was the happiest moment of my life. And then I found out Oak basically did nothing? Just yelled and pointed and pushed a security guard. I don’t know what happened to the Oak I thought I knew. The old Oak would have killed that man — and the city would be a better place for it.”

Fans were seen burning old Oakley jerseys outside Madison Square Garden this morning, as well.

“Oakley was my favorite player growing up,” said one disappointed fan, jersey ashes at his feet. “But he let me down. If someone like Oakley won’t beat the shit out of Dolan, who ever will? I’ve lost all hope for this franchise and our country.”

Oakley released a statement late this morning after posting $500,000 in bail.

“I am sorry for my behavior last night,” he said. “It will not happen again. I will murder James Dolan the next chance I get. I promise every Knicks fan that.”

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