Betting on the NBA is a gamble; there’s no doubt about that. So, on some days, you might win some, or you might lose some; it’s how the game works. But for some, the string of losses can be extremely discouraging. And it is all due to a few silly mistakes they repeatedly make. Now, this isn’t to poke fun at anyone. Actually, the goal is completely the opposite! We want people to succeed in sports betting to keep the sport alive and engaging. For that reason, this article will shed some light on some of these mistakes to help you avoid making them. 


Let’s just clear the air quickly. Making mistakes is human; we all make mistakes. So, if you’ve made any of the mistakes below while betting on the NBA, don’t sweat it; just avoid doing it next time. Here are some common mistakes people make when betting on the NBA:

Not doing your own research

Honestly, there are many websites that provide performance statistics related to the current and past NBA seasons. Not using this information is a rookie error. As far as betting goes, doing intensive research on which teams you should bet for and the current player stats is probably the best way of making a safe bet. 

Yes, accidents happen, and your player might not perform as expected, but the chances are that they’ll perform consistently. So, do your own research to make sure your bets are informed. 

Trying to make back your losses

Another mistake punters often make is trying to win back their losses by increasing their bets. Consider this quickly: what happens if you lose again? Then you’re short on money, right? Unfortunately, the optimistic outlook here usually answers this question with a, “I’m not going to lose again”. While that is a possibility, it’s reckless and can put you in a difficult financial situation. 

Never bet with money that you’re not prepared to lose. This is the golden rule of betting, which basically means knowing your limits and not passing them. So, if you’ve lost and your budget for the game is finished, then call it quits for that night. 

Going big because of a homecourt advantage

We always think that teams are destined to do ten times better when they play matches on their courts. While this may be true because of the hype and support, it’s not a good reason to drop a heavy wager on your team. Still, bet for them for sure, but remember, in the betting game, the chances are unpredictable, even if the odds say otherwise. That said, if you’re willing and able to risk it to go big, then we won’t be the ones to stop you. Just consider the odds and facts before betting. 

Placing emotional bets

We understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the NBA, especially if you’re watching live. But betting emotionally is a one-way ticket to losing money. As we said in our first point, you need to consider the facts and make a wager accordingly. 

Not checking your options

This links to not doing your research, but failing to look around for the best odds is also a common mistake punters make. There are a few sportsbooks that you can check, and we can guarantee you that many of them will offer you different odds. Shopping around can help you find the best odds, according to your research, and potentially increase your chances of success.

Poor financial management

Mismanaging your bankroll when betting in the NBA can be catastrophic. Usually, it leads to reckless betting, more losses, and even wrecks your financial health. Some reasons people go down this route is that they need to set betting limits and wager more than they can afford on a game. 

To avoid this, set strict boundaries when betting. Create a budget and follow it religiously. If you hit a wall, then don’t bet any more. Accept your losses and come for round two when your budget has replenished again. 

Not learning from your mistakes

Have you ever seen those people who keep betting and losing but keep coming back in the hope of winning big one day? This kind of repetitive action is actually central to a gambling addiction and is unhealthy, to say the least. But it also provides us with a good example of someone who hasn’t learnt from their mistakes. 

NBA betting can be ruthless, so if you happen to make a mistake and lose money due to it, we suggest that you learn from that mistake ASAP and avoid making it the next time you participate. Placing a successful wager in the NBA can be super rewarding, but the opposite is true as well. So, it is best we learn from our mistakes, don’t you think?


Betting in the NBA isn’t something you can simply rely on luck for. You need to do your research and check out NBA tips provided by experts. Take a look on YouTube and check the odds offered on different sportsbooks. In the end, you’ll find that your fortunes might change for the better.