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NEW YORK – Carmelo Anthony remains on the going-nowhere New York Knicks and he thinks he has a theory: he’s simply too good.

“I’ve said I’m willing to waive my no-trade clause to go elsewhere, so that can’t be it,” said Anthony. “And I’m a three-time Olympic gold medalist, so I think I’ve proven my worth. So what else could it be? The only thing I can figure is that teams are simply too intimidated by my talent and simply don’t think their other players could relate to me.”

The veteran forward said he compares it to trying to pick someone up at a bar.

“Say you go in there and some girl is a smoking hot. A perfect ten. That’s me in this scenario, of course,” said Anthony. “But you’re only a six or a seven. You might think you have no chance with that girl even if she’s looking at you. That’s what’s happening here. Teams are going after lesser players because they can’t believe they could realistically get with someone of my caliber.”

Knicks teammate Derrick Rose overheard Anthony’s conversation with reporters and said he believes the same thing.

“Some teams are actually scared of success,” said Rose. “They want to tinker around the edges of their roster, add a sixth man or something, when the 2011 league MVP is sitting right there. They know deep inside that if they trade for me, they’re getting three, four, five championships and that scares them. They’re content being in their life of mediocrity, as sad as that is.”

An hour and 17 minutes of awkward silence between Anthony, Rose and the assembled reporters then filled the locker room.

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