A Rookie in the game of Basketball is a player who has never played a game at that level until that year. A Rookie player is selected by a group of American and Canadian Pundits. But it’s not an easy process for them to come up with the best rookie player of the year.

Even though it’s not easy like playing online pokies at the best American online casino, basketball pundits have come up with their best novices of the year. Some of the beginners have shown some wonderful displays in the court, but just like any awards, not everyone will be on the list. At the end of it all, only those best players will top the list.

First Team All Rookies

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia

It is by no fluke that Simmons has managed to top the list. The Philadelphia player was very phenomenal. His defensive prowess was absolutely top class. Moreover, it won’t be a surprise to see the lad making it in the All-NBA team. Simmons is being showered with praises at the moment.

Collins Sexton, Cleveland Cavaliers 

Sexton led the Cavs to the semi-finals at the summer league by producing an astounding performance. His style of playing point guard and scoring all the time is actually amazing. And to be in the first team of rookies is automatically possible.

Jayson Tatum, Boston 

Tatum’s inclusion in the team is actually needed. At the age of 20, the Boston Celtic player has done remarkably well. He helped Boston Celtics to a 55-27 record in the 2018 season. It was a season that can be reported to be a one to remember for the young lad. He entered the NBA draft and Boston Celtics selected him on number 3 overall. Moreover, he finished the season with a resounding shooting percentage of 43.3 per cent.

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