Following the dismissals of Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss, the Lakers organization is now run by Magic Johnson, once a great basketball player, now known more for having the worst basketball opinions in the world. Congratulations Lakers!

Here are just a few of the dumbest Magic Johnson basketball-related tweets:

#1 – Carmelo Anthony is one of the best ever!

#2 – Jimmer Fredette is the real deal!

#3 – Everyone is an MVP candidate!

#4 – Michael Carter-Williams is the next Jason Kidd!

#5 -The Atlanta Hawks can win the Eastern Conference!

#6 – Byron Scott is a great coach!

#7 – Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are good … and even better when playing well!

Bonus: LeBron James is also good and teams should try to get him when he is available! 

#8 – LeBron and the Cavaliers are better than the Boston Celtics!

#9 – The No. 2 pick in the draft provides the opportunity to acquire a good player!

#10 – Huh?

Congratulations again to the Lakers!

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