Thanksgiving may have passed, but the festive season and its tripleheaders are far from over. Some people see this time as an opportunity to create and strengthen family traditions, while others prefer to kick back, unwind and enjoy a few days off from work. Regardless of your holiday preferences, there are various ways to have a great time.

Over the last few years, sports and gaming – iGaming, that is – have emerged as popular avenues for entertainment, especially during the holidays. Platforms like provide curious parties and seasoned enthusiasts a resource to discover the latest online casino bonuses, providing deals that rival those of even Black Friday.

There’s no shortage of blood-pumping face-offs to look forward to, especially with the NBA serving up their usual Christmas menu and the NFL gearing up for year two of the Christmas tripleheader. Anticipation is palpable, with the added bonus of a supple offering from the collegiate level.

December Matchup Highlights

Thanksgiving Day featured NFL clashes such as Packers vs Lions, Commanders vs Cowboys and 49ers against the Seahawks. Christmas will see a repeat of this format starting with Raiders vs Chiefs, followed by Giants vs Eagles and then finally wrapping up with 49ers vs Commanders. If there are any Taylor Swift fans in your family, consider inviting them to partake in Raiders vs Chiefs at 1 PM ET.

This year’s NBA Christmas Day games start with Bucks vs Knicks, followed by the Golden State Warriors facing off against the Nuggets. At 5 PM ET Celtics play the Lakers – which always brings excitement, including for those who don’t care about either team nor the NBA season. Consider settling in as it could be a long game. The evening will conclude with the 76ers vs Miami Heat.

From December 16th, college football will see a total of 46 bowl games. Myrtle Beach Bowl will be the first, with subsequent games taking place regularly through January. The Rose and Sugar Bowl will be on New Year’s Day, with the National Championship scheduled for January 8th.

College basketball fans can also enjoy an early season with a series of high-profile tournaments, including the December 21 and 22 Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic. NCAA Women’s Basketball will see a tripleheader of its own on December 10th with the Basketball Hall of Fame Women’s Showcase.

iGaming – A New Holiday Tradition

iGaming has become very popular in the past few years. In 2023 alone, many states have passed laws to legalize online sports betting. Although the infrastructure for legal online casino games is not as developed, there are still lots of options for American players to indulge in slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, and other exciting games.

How popular is iGaming, really? According to an American Gaming Association revenue report, “after three strong quarters, iGaming is on track for another record year with year-to-date revenue of $4.49 billion, 23.8 percent ahead of the same period last year.” Mind you, these are the figures for the six states that host their own operators.

Online casinos offer a unique blend of excitement and convenience. Players have a huge variety of games at their fingertips, including some that are sports-themed. Online casino games today are developed with state-of-the-art graphics, user interface and other advanced features, including live dealer games and real-time customer service.

iGaming can bring a ton of excitement, especially to the holidays – which, frankly, can be stressful depending on your situation. Add that to the excitement of watching legendary teams go head-to-head and it takes the fun, the adrenaline and the excitement to a whole new level, completely unrelated to the usual holiday chaos.

While at it, remember it’s important to gamble responsibly by setting limits on both your time and money. iGaming should be a source of enjoyment, not a source of stress or trouble during the holiday season. The same goes for engaging in sports rivalries – there’s no need to ruin friendships over a single game.