Week 5 featured the first byes of the NFL season and as the famous saying goes: “Byes bring badness.” And, boy-o, friend, did we have some amazing sucking in Week 5.

First up, we give you this star-packed fantasy team. Tom Brady, Le’Veon Bell, Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant. Lots to love about this team.

Except it is 0-5 somehow. Whoopsie daisies! Just goes to prove my theory: Tom Brady is not a winner and never was. Okay, let’s roll on with the sucking …

Next up, is this time submitted by Logan S.  You may note that his roster has a few injuries.

Sucks to suck! You shouldn’t have drafted a bunch of players with body parts that could be injured. Lesson learned.

Our next epic, Week 5 sucking is this truly horrific score submitted by Chris T.:

Sixteen total points. SIXTEEN! I don’t know what kind of weird scoring system this league uses, but I know 16 points is bad. #bad.

And now for our greatest sucking of Week 5 using regular scoring.

First up, submitted by Tyler W., we have this team with just 25.9 points:

Perhaps the bigger failure by this team? Outside of not starting the Jaguars defense and Aaron Jones? Failing to even fail successfully.

Because this team, submitted by Tom H., actually did the best sucking in Week 5.

Great work by everyone this week. We’ll see you back next week for more sucking.

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