We open this week with not the Crappiest Fantasy Team in America, but the team that suffered the most heartbreaking loss (non-Detroit Lions edition, of course). Because it is good and fun to celebrated crushing failure of all kinds.

Submitted by Austin H., here is a team that lost by 0.04 points. Although it could have been much worse. It could have been o.01 points.

Next up, this horrific PPR team, submitted by @KentuckyMusket. Remember, PPR provides extra points for every reception. And this league carries three receiver spots. And, still, only 34.9 points. Impressively terrible.

And, finally, our Week 3 winner. Submitted by Thomas K., who writes: “This score comes one week after Socker Boppers bragged to the entire league about his league-high Week 2 score and that his team was “just getting started.” Let’s hope this team is just getting started because there are still 14 weeks of sucking to go.

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