So much of modern American culture is celebrating those who are good or successful at something. Sad!

Here at SportsPickle, the total failures — the true forgotten Americans — are celebrated each week by honoring the crappiest fantasy football team in all the land.

Week 1’s winner was e-mailed in anonymously so — unfortunately — the team owner can’t be mocked/celebrated/humiliated by name. But behold the worst fantasy team in all the land.

Yes, only 51.8 points on the week. How embarrassing.

Oh, wow. That was the winning score? And that team won by more than 25 points? Sweet merciful god.

In the years of doing this feature, there has never been a repeat winner. But look at Manning Face’s roster. Eli Manning, a Colt, a Brown, a Raven and then it just gets worse from there. They really could have the suckiest fantasy team in all the land again this year. Either this person seriously messed up his/her draft, or this is a 32-team fantasy league and he didn’t have any picks in the first three rounds.

Anyway … what a terribly greatly awful team.

But in the interests of spreading the suck around, let us also honor this team, submitted by @chaptodd, of his brother-in-law’s team:

That’s right: negative points for Andy Dalton AND he lost his No. 1 pick David Johnson for most of the season. That is some epic sucking.

Thanks for all the submissions. Here’s to even greater sucking next week.

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