(SP) – According to multiple reports, the NCAA is weighing handing the “death penalty” to the NCAA over reports the organization ignored or mishandled multiple allegations of abuse at Michigan State over the past several years.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said he is taking allegations that Mark Emmert knew of 37 instances of allegations of sexual assault by athletes at Michigan in 2010 and did nothing to be “very troubling.”

“There seems to be a clear cultural problem at the NCAA and I promise you that the NCAA will investigate this fully and deliver the suitable punishment to the NCAA,” said Emmert. “I don’t think the average person has any idea the level of corruption that exists within the NCAA.”

The NCAA has not invited the so-called “death penalty” since handing it to the Southern Methodist football program in the 1980s, only since considering with Penn State earlier this decade. If hit with the NCAA, the organization would not be able to make billions off of unpaid labor for a period of one year.

”Thankfully, I think the NCAA could weather such a punishment,” said Emmert. “We have so many extra billions laying around from doing this for decades, that one year won’t do anything. The PR and optics will be great, though.”