Ever since Nick Saban lost to Auburn on Saturday — thereby failing to even win the SEC West or reach the SEC Championship Game — he has been telling anyone who will listen that Alabama DESERVES to be in the College Football Playoff.

“I think this team deserves the opportunity to get into the playoff by what they have been able to accomplish and what they have been able to do,” the Alabama coach said after losing by double digits to Auburn. “Certainly not in this game, but I think the team we played tonight is a very good football team, probably one of the best teams in the country.

“We have won 11 games and not many teams have been able to do that. I really don’t know what all the scenarios might be where we would have an opportunity to do it. I certainly would like to see this team get the opportunity to do it. I think they deserve it.”

“Deserve it,” you say? DESERVE??? Talk about entitled. But then it is not surprising that Saban, a card-carrying Baby Boomer, would want something that he hasn’t earned. That’s the mark of his entire generation.

The generation that came before the Boomers, The Greatest Generation, survived The Great Depression, won World War II and spurred the greatest economic boom in U.S. history. While today’s youth, The Millennials, are more active in their communities than any previous generation and have proven to be both wisely frugal (see: cord-cutting) and health-conscious (see: avocado toast).

Meanwhile, Saban’s generation? The worst ever. They were handed everything by their parents and squandered it all — and now have the gall to blame the younger generation for not making lemonade out of the excrement they passed along.

The Boomers drove the economy into a ditch in 2008, destroyed the middle class, did nothing to combat global warming and have made America more divided politically than it has been since the Civil War. And that’s just a small fraction of it. The overriding characteristics about the Baby Boomers are these: They are entitled. They are whiny. And they just want to point the finger at others for all of the failings they created.

Enter Nick Saban, the avatar of this generation of losers and failures. A little man, both literally and figuratively.

Entitled? Check. He thinks his loser team should be handed a free spot in the playoff.

Whiny? Listen to any press conference he ever has. Or watch him yell at officials during a game.

Blaming others? Saban always says the media is to blame. Yeah, like the media forced his team to score only 14 points against a team that also gave up 14 points to Louisiana Monroe a week ago. Give me a break.

Saban and his fellow Baby Boomers are ruining America. Sad! If we can’t kick them out of the country, we should at least keep them out of the College Football Playoff.

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