(SP) – Greg Schiano has informed Tennessee administrators that he is no longer interested in the Volunteers head football coach job after discovering the program’s ties to losing football.

Schiano received an an offer memo from Tennessee on Sunday, but negotiations quickly fell apart after Schiano became aware of information about the Volunteers being awful at football for most of the 21st century.

“I appreciate the interest from Tennessee, but there it just too much baggage there,” said Schiano. “I’ve been the head coach at Rutgers and led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but even I have standards. I just can’t be associated with a team of such low quality.”

Despite turning the Tennessee job down, Schiano said he is still open to other jobs.

“I’m happy being defensive coordinator for Ohio State,” said Schiano. “But if there’s a better job than Tennessee, I’d be happy to listen. For instance, I’d be all about that MACtion.”

With Schiano out of the mix, Tennessee will reportedly again reach out to Gruden.

“No, not Jon Gruden,” said Tennessee athletics director John Currie. “While he originally laughed and hung up, now he has blocked our number. And even Jay Gruden turned us down. No, we’re moving onto Cooper Gruden, the little-known third Gruden brother. He’s never coached at any level, so Tennessee could be a nice lateral move for him.”

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