As the college football season begins, Tua Tagovailoa is a name that you are going to hear a lot of. The eyes of the world will be on him ahead of the 2020 NFL draft, which he is eligible for. He will be a high draft pick in the first round and is certainly a player capable of turning around a franchise if he continues improving as he matures.

At times he was simply outstanding for Alabama last season, a year in which he won a championship and broke records, so Tagovailoa has plenty to live up to this coming season. The latest American Football odds have Alabama at +240, which makes it second favorite to lift another title this season behind Clemson, and that is all going to depend on the play of Tagovailoa.

If he plays like he did last season then they can certainly contend with Clemson, and will either come out on top or push them all the way. There is also the chance that Tagovailoa will improve on what he showed last season. He is, after all, a year smarter, a year stronger and a year more experienced. Having said that he will go well to break the same records as he did last season with Alabama in what was a special year. He recorded 43 touchdowns last season, throwing for nearly 4000 yards in total. Anything more than that would elevate him to be a potential generational talent in the NFL, something he hasn’t quite been able to achieve just yet despite some impressive performances.

Something that Tagovailoa has to show personally if he is to go to that level and something that can help Alabama win another title are his game management skills. He will be expected to throw touchdowns and make a lot of yards, but does he show the same game management skills as an elite quarterback when he is in pressure situations? He doesn’t need to quite be at that level just yet as it takes time, but showing glimpses of promise this coming season is far more important than scoring touchdowns from a personal point of view as he prepares for the 2020 draft.

It is quarterbacks that can manage the game while also performing to a high level that reign in the NFL, and this should be what Tagovailoa is aspiring to be. Tom Brady is regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever live and recently signed a $41 million two year deal with the Patriots to extend his stay there. He is paid so well because he delivers when the big moments arrive and that is all down to his calm head and game management.

This is something that Alabama fans will be hoping to see from Tagovailoa this coming season because if he can add that to his game, then they have a great chance of winning another title. For Tagovailoa personally, adding this would make him a prime candidate in the NFL draft for a team looking to transform their fortunes with a new quarterback.