BEIJING – AUGUST 12: A detailed shot of the Reebok shoes worn by Yao Ming #13 of China during the men’s preliminary round basketball game against Spain at the Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium during Day 4 of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on August 12, 2008 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

(SP) – The FBI confirmed today that shoe and apparel company Reebok is not part of their ongoing investigation into corruption and bribery in college basketball, saying no record could be found of Reebok getting anyone to put their shoes on in public.

“We are not saying there was no intent there,” said an FBI spokesperson. “But a crime was never consummated in regards to Reebok. Regardless of the bribe offered, even in excess of $1 million, no athletes were willing to put Reebok products on their person.”

The current shoe companies implicated in the probe are Adidas and Nike. Sources close to the investigation say that Under Armour is also being investigated.

“I personally wouldn’t wear Under Armour shoes,” said a source. “They look like shitty $35 shoes you’d buy at Payless, but marked up to $100. But there are some programs who wear their ugly garbage sneakers. And that is obviously very suspicious.”

NBA Under Armour client Steph Curry said today that he was not bribed to wear the company’s shoes.

“I have a legal contract that requires them to pay more than $10 million a year,” said Curry. “I remind myself of that, and check my bank account, every day before I slide those hideous beasts onto my feet. It’s the only way I make it onto the court.”