(SP) – Your friend’s friend who works for the FBI reportedly said there is “zero scenario” in which North Carolina makes it to the second week of the NCAA Tournament.

“Let’s just say I am very confident in my bracket this year,” said the FBI agent. “You don’t become rich working for the FBI, but I’m going to make a ton of money in bracket pools and Vegas off of this year’s tournament. Trust me. Now that the field is set, we’re going to be bringing down a whole bunch of charges that will wipe a few teams out.”

In addition to North Carolina, the FBI agent friend says there are “nearly a dozen” other teams seeded 4th or above “that are about to have the full weight of federal law enforcement come down on them. I mean, I’m filling out my bracket with the answers to the test. It’s awesome.”

The FBI agent also stressed that there is no legal or ethical problems with springing indictments just as the Tournament is about to start.

“This isn’t me making a drug bust and pocketing $200,000 in cash I found on the scene,” he said. “I’m just taking down some corrupts programs and kicking ass in my tournament pool in the process. This is going to be the best March ever.”