scullyBermanLOS ANGELES — Vin Scully’s replacement as the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers is in place: longtime ESPN voice Chris Berman will takeover for the iconic broadcaster at the start of the 2017 season.

“We are excited to have Chris Berman signed and ready to go for next season,” said Dodgers president Stan Kasten. “While we will miss Vin, Chris is one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting and he will be our new voice, assuming Vin doesn’t come back, back, back.”

In a statement announcing the hire, Berman was described as “a departure from Vin Scully, who can never be duplicated and it would not be fair to have his replacement try. Mr. Berman brings a different style than Scully. A style we trust our fans will see as fresh and new, featuring catchphrases, nicknames, lecturing, loud ties and a disposition as sweaty as the players on the field. It’s a modern approach where the broadcaster presents himself as more important than the game, and the Dodgers will have it in 2017 every night.”

Berman, who will be the latest big name to leave ESPN, said he is “excited to go to Los Angeles and really push my career into overdrive. In addition to the Dodgers, I’m talking my own TV show, movies, the whole L.A. thing. I could … go … all … the … way! Also, the tail out in Los Angeles is really primo tail. A ten in Connecticut is a five out there.”

Scully did not comment on his replacement, but a longtime friend said that “as soon as Vin passes, and I hope it’s not for a long time … but as soon as he does, he will roll over in his grave multiple times. Trust me. It’s the first thing he’ll do.”


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