(SP) – Chalk up another marketing win for Lavar Ball. The father of basketball players Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo has secured at least three more years of publicity for his sons after finalizing a relationships deal with the Kardashians.

“This shows the strength of the Ball brand,” Lavar Ball said today. “If you want to get publicity from relationships, the No. 1 option is the Kardashians. I see this as a joining of two most iconic families in modern America.”

Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner said she is pleased to work with the Balls and feels the “truly authentic romances” make “great business sense.”

“By doing a deal that includes three sons and three daughters, we can get bulk rates on photo shoots and tabloid placements,” said Jenner. “I want what’s best for my girls and that’s getting large profit margins.”

While final pairing have yet to be negotiated, sources say Lonzo will go with Khloe Kardashian, LiAngelo will be paired with Kendall Jenner and LaMelo will be obligated to date a currently unreleased Kardashian. Ball had been in talks to pace Lonzo Ball with Tiffany Trump before locking down the Kardashian deal.

“I really see Lonzo trading up in a few years from Khloe to Kim,” said Lavar Ball. “I think he has that kind of potential. He’ll be bigger than Kanye West. But for now we’ll take Khloe and work towards a better future for the Balldashian brand.”

  • Robin Penton

    That just throws the real deal out there about just what this family has to offer…….The only talent they have is nothing​ but being shallow minded females with no talent except being whores….And momma is pimping their asses out . None of them know acting or music……Kim is dumbber than a rock…..She is so ignorant, that it’s freakin SCARY! And the rest of them are not much smarter. I’m hoping that Kris K. goes ahead and gets twisted with Sharon Osbourne over the comments that Sharon put out days ago about the Kardashian gals……. Gettin into a pissin match with Sharon Osbourne will be career suicide

    • Kim Trinidad

      It’s soooo funny to see Jealousy at its best! The reactions of mad Black woman With Kardashian Hate Is Awesome I Love Watching u all squirm! 😂😂

      • Anika Kelly

        Trust ain’t no one mad. All us black women know the truth and that is that any black man that gets with a KarTRASHIan lives in the sunken place and they can have them. There are bigger and better BLACK MEN out here.

      • Just Sayin

        Wait a minute!!! Don’t make it sound like its ONLY Black women saying things about that family! Its actually more white women and men that are hating on this family! Me personally, I’m not mad at them…Getcho hustle on$$$

  • Richard

    I used to be ambivalent about LaVar. Now I say F him in Hell.
    He’;s dragging his family down into the dirt.

    • Richard

      Ks are talentless $Cum. Anything associated w/ them is $Cum

      • Just Sayin

        Actually, anything attached to them=$$$$
        You sound jealous!

      • Richard

        U sick sycophants outta get off ur last a____ and earn $ honestly and decently rather than $Cumming it.

        • Richard

          “..lazy a_____”. P.S. I got plenty of mine and still retain my dignity. Try it, you’ll like it