(SP) – Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles made a bold declaration today, saying he will become the worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl since Trent Dilfer was behind center for the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

“That’s right,” said Bortles. “I’m even worse than Joe Flacco, if you can believe it. But definitely believe this: this Jaguars team is going to win a Super Bowl this year despite me trying to drag them down.”

Behind the NFL’s top-ranked defense, the Jaguars have stormed to the top of the AFC South and even have a shot at a 1st Round bye depending on how the Patriots and Steelers finish. Regardless of their playoff position, their defense could give both higher-seeded teams fits, allowing Bortles and the Jags offense to squeak by with just 15 points or so.

“This is the kind of team that terrible quarterbacks like myself dream of,” said Bortles. “From top to bottom. We’ve got a great defense and a front office that for some reason didn’t bring in a half-decent quarterback that could replace me. I’m just going to ride this out as long as possible. This is my Detmer Flacco moment.”

Bortles’ comments have already received blowback, however.

“That’s a ridiculous comment,” said new Eagles starting quarterback Nick Foles. “I will be the worst quarterback to win a Super Bowl since Trent Dilfer.”