Back in the beginning, when the Tennessee Titans were the Houston Oilers, they had some of the best players in NFL history. Although the team has only appeared in the Super Bowl once, that doesn’t mean the Tennessee Titans odds are against them. That being said, this year, it doesn’t seem like luck is on their side. However, just look at these amazing players and how they affected this rag-tag team. 


Steve McNair – 1995 to 2005 – Quarterback 

Also known as Air McNair, this quarterback carried the team to the playoffs 4 times. Without a doubt McNair is the reason the Titans even saw the Super Bowl field. 

He had an electric offensive maneuver and played like his life depended on it.  

During his career, McNair was awarded the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and earned a career total of 37 rushing touchdowns, and 174 touchdown passes. 

If it wasn’t for McNair’s untimely and heartbreaking passing, we could have seen so much more from this star player. 


Bruce Matthews – 1983 to 2001 – Guard, Center, Offensive Tackle, Long Snapper 

Many people would argue that Matthews should be in first place on our list. He was a master of all trades and the most versatile offensive player in NFL history. 

Matthews was also the first and only Titans player to make it to the Hall of Fame. Other impressive awards include the Bart Starr Award, 7 First Team All-Pros, 14 Pro Bowls, and the 1990s All-Decade Team. 

To this day, Matthews still holds the record for the most career starts with one team – 293. 


Warren Moon – 1984 to 1993 – Quarterback 

When Moon was drafted by the Titans (then known as the Houston Oilers), he was the best quarterback the team had ever seen. Although his first season was a struggle, it didn’t take long for Moon to find his feet.  

Each season he raised the bar, making it to the Pro Bowl year after year. By 1990 Moon won the NFL Offensive Player Of The Year Award – an achievement unheard of by the Oilers. 

By the end of his career, Moon completed 291 touchdowns, 49,325 passing yards, and a completion rate of 58.4%. 


Keith Bulluck – 2000 to 2009 – Linebacker 

Bulluck didn’t have a long history in the NFL, leaving after just 10 years of active play. However, in those 10 years, Bulluck made waves. 

He was a tackling machine and led the team through all defensive maneuvers. During his time Bulluck created 15 forced fumbles, 21 interceptions, and 18 sacks. 

Bulluck also scored 6 defensive touchdowns! 


Derrick Henry – 2016 To Present – Running Back 

If you’re looking for Fantasy NFL picks, look no further than Henry. This running back has more awards under his belt than most other Titan players. 

He was the Rushing Touchdowns leader in 2019 and 2020, the Rushing Yard leader in 2019 and 2020, and became the NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2020. 

Henry has even reached an NFL record previously held by Tony Dorsett alone. Now they both can claim a 99-yard rushing touchdown. 

Although Henry was picked in round 2 as the 45th pick, he has quickly become the star of the Titans. Although his career is still active, we can have a quick peek into his current career statistics. This information was accurate as of 2022. 

Henry has achieved 3 receiving touchdowns, 78 rushing touchdowns, 8,335 rushing yards, and a rushing average of 4.8. 


Eddie George – 1996 to 2003 – Running Back 

George is currently the head coach for the Tennessee State University, but back in the late 90s early 00s, he was a strong running back. 

Before he reached the team, George had won the Heisman Trophy. When he joined, George was instantly a consistent player and had no problems hitting NFL standards. During his time, he became the Offensive Rookie of the Year, entered 4 Pro Bowls as well as a First-team and Second-team All-Pro. 

By the end of his playing career, George completed 68 rushing touchdowns, 10 receiving touchdowns, and 10,411 rushing yards. 


Earl Campbell – 1978 to 1984 – Running Back 

Campbell was one of the first players to make a real impact on the Titans (known as the Oilers back then). 

As a team, the Titans have always aimed for run-heavy teammates Campbell was the reason for this. He had an explosive start and footwork that many would dream of today. 

Throughout his career, Campbell won numerous awards from the Leaders in Rushing Yards and Rushing Touchdowns (5 times), Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro (8 times), and the Most Valuable Player Awards. 

Campbell made a path for further players to follow. 


The Titans probably won’t do too well this season, but that doesn’t mean the team will flop. They will put all their energy into every game, and you’ll see the passion that each player has.