Jackson joined the tournaments through the NFL draft of 2018. His entrance into the Baltimore Ravens was a shocker. Jackson’s debut saw the removal of the current quarterback at the time – Joe Flacco.

During the mid-game swap, Jackson told the team who he was. He finished it with 24 passes and 39 rushing yards! What a season opener.

As the years have gone by, Jackson has stuck by the Ravens’ side. After 5 years, Jackson has decided it’s time to move on. So what will the free agency scouts be looking at as they skim through his stats.

Let’s see!

Lamar Jackson – Passing Stats Throughout The Years

The NFL rumors say that Jackson is unsatisfied with the Ravens. He believes he is worth more, and is happy to leave his contract in search of a more fulfilling team.

But Jackson’s passing percentages aren’t that great. The average NFL quarterback should be completing 50% of his attempts, while a pro would be completing 75%.

In his 4 non-rookie years, Jackson has only reached 60%. This makes him average, and nothing special. His career percentage is 63.7%, while his best year was all the way back in 2019 when he completed 66.1% of his passes.

But a quarterback isn’t all about general passes. They also need to focus on touchdown types too.

The medium touchdown pass rate is just 5 per season. This is where Jackson shines. Not including his rookie year, the lowest touchdown amount per season was in 2019 when he reached 6.

His highest was in 2020 when he managed 26! In 2022, Jackson was ranked joint 16th for the most passing touchdowns that season. He shared the title with Davis Mills, Daniel Jones, and Justin Fields.

Maybe Jackson does have a point. He’s scoring the most touchdowns in his league!


Lamar Jackson – Rushing Stats Throughout The Years

Rushing passes have never been an issue for Jackson. They are always short, but he managed to create good hops to keep the ball going.

Throughout his career, Jackson has attempted 727 rushing passes and created 4,437 yards from them. That’s an average of 6.1 yards per rush.

In total, he has also managed 24 touchdown rushes in his time.

In fact, Lamar Jackson currently holds the record for more rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season. In 2019, Jackson created 1,206 rushing yards in 176 attempts for an average of 6.9 yards per rush.

If that’s not a sign of his prowess, we can’t say what is!


Lamar Jackson – Receiving Stats Throughout The Years

This part of Jackson’s history is blank. He hasn’t “received” a single pass or throw in his entire career. 

Although quarterbacks receiving a pass is rare, after 5 years of play you would expect it to happen every now and then. His complete lack of stats in this field could be read as a good or a bad thing.

First, he stays in his lane, doesn’t step on anyone’s toes, and keeps to what he’s good at. Second, he doesn’t help out the team, only does his job which means other opportunities get missed.

In many places in the game, a quarterback isn’t allowed to receive. So In our opinion, the topic is mute.


Lamar Jackson – Fumbles Throughout The Years

2020 was a mixed year for Jackson. Although he managed 26 touchdown passes that year, he also created 10 fumbles. That’s the second-highest fumble rate of his whole career. The first can be forgiven as it was his 2018 rookie year. During that time he created 12 fumbles.

A high fumble rate is anywhere between 10 and 20. Above that, and you should be benched. 

Throughout his career, Jackson accumulated 42 fumbles, which is an average of 8.4 per year. Not too bad.


Lamar Jackson – Defensive Stats Throughout The Years

Just like receiving, quarterbacks aren’t known for their defensive work. Still, Jackson has managed to complete some solos in his career.

He completed the most solos in 2018, with a humble 3 to his name. Since then he has always soloed at least once in the season.


Lamar Jackson – A Player In Profile

As a college player, Jackson was a hero. He won the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, Player of the Year awards, And the Louisville ring of honor with a No.8 retirement.

As an NFL player, the awards keep coming. He took home the Bert Bell Award, passing touchdowns leader in 2019, and the most valuable player in 2019.

Twice Jackson was invited to the Pro Bowls and he’s also entered the First Team.

Since 2019, his awards have dried up, and so have his overall scores. 2020 was his last good year.

Although Jackson is asking for a “better team” and more opportunities, his stats aren’t as impressive as they once were.


Final Thoughts

Lamar Jackson is an odd player in our time. He has had an amazing career so far, but he says the Ravens are stunting his ability. Jackson should be improving every year, and yet the stats say the opposite.

Is this because of the Ravens? Or has Jackson peaked too soon? When a transfer goes through, we can see the truth of his situation.