The NBA is the most prestigious basketball league in the world. The best players are part of the best teams and compete for the No.1 spot. There is no doubt that every game is filled with excitement, gorgeous gameplay, terrific dunks, and a lot of passion. Fans love to watch the games, pick their favorites, cheer and bet on them.

The 2020 season brings many excitements. The fight for the title will be great to watch because the competition is fierce and all teams are as motivated as ever. Although we can’t exclude any team as a potential winner, we have picked a couple of teams that are most likely to win the championship. If you picked your favorite and are willing to place a bet, you can visit BetOnline or Doc Sports to check out some of the latest odds.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are the first team in the shortlist for the championship favorites. After trading for superstar James Harden, who looked great notching a Triple-Double in his first game for the team, the Nets are a team to be reckoned with.  Their schedule for the next few games is looking tough, but they’ve still got one of the best three players on the planet in Kevin Durant.  And if Kyrie Irving comes back at full strength, then they are truly a team to be taken seriously as the top contender in the Eastern Conference. Nevertheless, the Nets are a formidable team with great odds of winning the championship.

Philadelphia 76ers

With 3 Championships won, 9 conference titles, and 5 division titles, Philadelphia 76ers are a team with an excellent history. This year, the team had an excellent streak of 5 wins before losing to Phoenix Suns 114-109. Even though the loss came as a small surprise, the team is not ready to give up and are keen on going to the top.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are currently leading the Central Division with 5 wins and 2 losses. They are currently on a 3-game winning streak and are looking sharp. They managed to win the last season’s division title, but are on a big drought when it comes to the championship trophy. They’ve only managed to win it once and that was back in 1971. Nevertheless, the team is strong and as we mentioned earlier, the competition is fierce and we cannot exclude anyone.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are dominating the Western Conference at the moment. With a 6-game winning streak and just one lost game, the team is marching towards the top. Their last game was against Chicago Bulls, which they managed to win after being 19 points behind. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma, ‘Trez Harrell, and the rest of the team are in perfect form, which is why the team is a formidable opponent and one of the biggest favorites to win the championship.

Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard was a big refreshment to the team. When he announced that he will be moving to LA, everybody thought that the Lakers is his next destination. Instead, he chose the Clippers. The team had a slow start with 2 lost games, but they are getting back on track after winning their last two matches against the Spurs and Utah Jazz.