The NBA finals is one of the most watched events of the sporting calendar, and only the best players in history make a name for themselves to put their name in the history books forever. Today we access some of the best performances across the NBA finals series.

One of the first memories that comes to mind is that of Lebron James in 2006 for his beloved Cleveland Cavaliers in which ended a 52-year championship drought for his hometown – one that will stick with him forever. It wasn’t just the meaning behind the win either, it was the matter in which they won as well. Having trailed 3-1 after the 4th game, the odds at BetOnline were not in his favor.  Lebron ensured that his team was the first ever team to overcome that deficit in the Finals and win the Championship. One of the most famous moments in the game was when he ran the length of the court and made ‘The Block’ to ensure that the Cavaliers stayed in the game.

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Next on the list would be that of Shaquille O’Neal in the 2000 NBA finals for the Lakers – Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose did everything they could in their power to enable them to win the NBA but Shaq was just far too dominant. Shaq averaged 38 points and 16.7 rebounds on his way to beat the Pacers and was crowned unquestionably the NBA Finals MVP.

Finally, and probably most famous in the NBA finals in when Michael Jordan took in into his own in 1993 and won his third straight NBA championship for the Chicago Bulls. MJ scored 55 points in the pivotal Game 4 which gave the Bulls the 3-1 series lead and went on to average an impressive 41 points in the series. By winning this series and being crowned MVP, he became the first player to be crowned MVP three seasons in a row.