The Lakers are playing a steady game this season. They aren’t the favorite to win by any means, but they aren’t out of sight just yet.

The Los Angeles Lakers odds are intensely tied to the player’s profiles, and if their key player continues their amazing streak, the team could reach the playoffs.

Best Scoring Players

With no surprise whatsoever, LeBron James is leading the regular season with 29.5 points per game.

However, to make things more interesting, we need to consider other top-scoring players too. LeBron’s free throw percentage is 75.9% which isn’t great, but seeing as his points are high we know he can afford to miss some shots.

Jarred Vanderbilt has a free throw percentage of 100% but he’s only scoring 7 points per game.

The best balance between these two extremes is Anthony Davis. Davis has scored 26.4 points per game with a free throw percentage of 81.1%.

That percentage is leaps and bounds higher than LeBron, and his average score is just a smidge lower.

This makes Anthony Davis the best scorer on the team, all things considered. If you want to make bets based on the likelihood of scoring, Davis is your best shot.

Davis has played in 40 games so far, with an average of 33.4 minutes per game. He is a steady player with strong stats and is more reliable than James.

In our opinion, he is the best scoring player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Best Defensive Players

The player with the most rebounds this season is our favorite player once again. Anthony Davis will be starting NBA rumors soon, as his numbers are surpassing Legendary LeBron James.

In his 40 games played so far, Davis has achieved 490 rebounds. Compared to LeBron James, James has played in 47 games so far with 396 rebounds, making him the second-best rebound player on the team.

Third is Russell Westbrook with 52 games played and 321 rebounds.

The second part of being a defensive player is stealing the ball.

The player with the most steals is Westbrook with a total of 53. Second place is Tory Brone for 45, and the third is LeBron James with 44.

These are all total scores though, and it makes sense for players who are in every game to win the total score. 

Per game, Davis still beats James, with an average of 12.3 rebounds compared to 8.4. However, Mo Bamba sneaks into second place with 9.5 per game.

Looking at steals per game, our leading defensive player is Malik Beasley with an average of 1.75 per game, while Davis jumps up to second place with 1.08, and Westbrook drops to third with 1.02.

A stat we haven’t considered yet is blocking. Davis has the most blocks total with an outstanding 84. In second place is LeBron James with a massive drop to 26 and Wenyen Gabriel joins second place too with the same 26.

Davis steals the show with 2.1 blocks per game, while Mo Bamba takes second place with 1.5 and Thomas Bryant comes in third with 0.56. James is nowhere to be seen.

This may all seem like a bunch of numbers to some people, but when you’re making strategic bets, these figures can help you see a pattern.

Again Anthony Davis is stealing the show. He is the best defensive player on the team on average, taking the top 3 spots in steals, blocks, and rebounds.

Best Assists And Turnovers

Our top two assisting players should be familiar to you. Russell Westbrook has completed 391 assists, LeBron James 326, and the new name in our article, Dennis Schroder has made 237 assists.

However, those figures are total across the regular season. If we put the number of games played into the mix, Dennis Schroder drops from third to fourth place, and D’Angelo Russell jumps into the open position with 5 assists per game. 

However, we can’t really count Russell, as he has only played in 4 games so far.

Looking at turnovers, Russel Westbrook dominated the board with 184 total, James can claim 147 and Davis earned 89.

The assist-to-turnover ratio is a little sloppy across the Lakers, with a maximum of 3.3 from D’Angelo Russell.

This is the first category where Anthony Davis hasn’t ticked off almost every box. Instead, Russell Westbrook is clearly the best assisting player.

Final Thoughts

There are a handful of amazing players on the Los Angeles Lakers who are making waves. Although LeBron James is the most loved hero, we have to give props to Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook too.

Anthony is the strongest defensive player on the team, dominating in the blocks, steals, and rebounds department. 

He is also a strong scorer, and although you could say that LeBron should take that crown, you’ve read our reasons for Anthony being our number one.

Westbrook, on the other hand, has been consistently top-tier. He is a solid player and the best assisting teammate on the team.