“Live each day, as if it we’re your last. It’s written in the stars, and your destiny is cast.” The shimmery clothes, unique and peculiar music, tinkling finger rings, and resonant sound made for rock music, Elvis Aaron Presley, widely famous as the great Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, is an American popular singer.

He is widely celebrated for his charming personality and his fantastic rock music. The King musician was born in the year 1935, January 8 and departed in the year 1977, August 16.

From the moment he stepped into the music world, till his death, he was famous for his tackiness in the lyrics that attracted many fans around the world.

He is known to celebrate his life on many occasions and one of the memorable days in his life would be the day when he arrived at Las Vegas! It was on July 26, 1969, when he stepped into the world of gambling and casino.

Elvis may not be a professional gambler, or he may not know anything about betting or odds of gambling, as he dedicated his time and got lost in his music of wilderness. But, the state, the casinos and the gambling space still remember the day.

It was mentioned in then released newspapers that the roulette wheel stood still, the card games table were empty, celebrating the arrival of the King of music. He was known to attract a lot of women; especially his wife named Priscilla and has got peculiar spending habits.

There are a lot of hidden and fascinating facts about Elvis we probably don’t know about. The below-given post will enlighten you on some of them.

Pop King had a Twin

The first fact about Elvis would be that he had a twin brother, like mentioned before, Elvis was born in the year 1935 and had a twin brother named Jesse Garon. His identical brother, but was stillborn. The King used to talk about his twin all the time throughout his life.

He was the only child to his parents, and they were poor. He had a troublesome childhood as well as a teenage time, where he faces a lot of issues growing up. Before becoming a world popular musician, he was failed in music classes and was very quiet.

He did some odd jobs before earning the title King. It was later in the year 1954; his first recording became famous named “That’s All Right.”

King was dedicated to North America Alone

Elvis was peculiar when it comes to arranging his concerts and where to hold the next big project. Elvis was a renowned musician, and his music copies were made and sold outside the United States, with a bit of concert specially made in Canada, the King never worked on outside soil.

There are many reasons for this and the internet and then published articles mention it was due to the King’s manager.

Colonel Parker was an illegal immigrant and was of the fear that he would not be welcomed back to the United States due to these issues. Therefore, Parker had to let down many exceptional concerts and shows outside the United States.

Elvis was Really Shy and Timid

The third intriguing fact about Elvis is that he was not an outgoing person. Yes, one can point out Elvis in any room as he was shy and timid.

For the question, guitar or rifle, at the age of 11, he was shy and couldn’t even choose which one. His mother picked guitar for him and thanks to her for giving birth to one of the world-renowned personality.

While growing up, he was timid, and due to the shyness, he only started singing when he turned 12 years. The Elvis we know today might have had gone through a series of timidness until he reached and achieved the title, King!

Did Elvis really use Shoe Polish to make his Hair Black?

Yes, there are many things that make Elvis unique, and one of them is making his hair black. It was in the year 1955 when he was building up his career when the rumor started spreading out that he turned his hair into black. He made his hairs black by not tinting, but by coloring it with black shoe polish. What a bizarre thing to do Mr King!

Elvis and His Tale in Vegas

In the year 1956 when he was officially invited to Vegas, the town was run and owned by the Rat Pack. The King was not invited at first, due to many reasons, but he found his way anyhow.

There were writers who mentioned that when he clutched his guitar, he felt doubtful and shivered. But, the audience embraced him with their soul and two hands.

It was never late to realize that the Vegas was built for the King and the King for Vegas!

King and his Faked Death

The next and the final one in the list is none other than the King himself, faking his own death.  It was in the year 1977 when he went out of his house at the age of 42 when he faked his death to mislead people. There are also various articles and newspapers pointing out that he died due to his unhealthy food and living habits.


Elvis may be your role model or you may know him as he is one more pop king to the music culture, like Michael Jackson. But, for those who don’t know, this celebrity has recorded more than 600 songs for his fans. Elvis is known to breaking down many barriers that were once withstanding, making the rock and roll world entirely different.