People have bet on sports since they have existed. Name a sport, chances are, someone has bet on it. We can even bet if someone has bet on a particular sport, if you want too. And, don’t say curling, because, yes, people bet on that too.  You can bet on anything at BetOnline!

Betting is a form of investment. You put money on an unpredictable event, one that you think you have special insight on that’ll turn it into a profit. It’s a wildly popular activity, but it’s not the leader when it comes to online gambling, digital casinos claim that title.

It’s an industry that’s projected to hit annual revenues of about $90 billion by 2024. This should come as no surprise as playing casino games online is all the rage. These platforms offer an unmatched selection of slots and live table games, that you won’t know where to start. Not only that, but some online casinos have come up with a hybrid approach in which they also offer sportsbook services. 

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Nevertheless, sports betting provides a different kind of thrill, one that you get due to applying your obtained knowledge. However, sometimes, a hunch and some luck do the trick too.  

Vegas Dave Bets on Holly Holm

In 2015, Ronda Rousey was probably one of the most famous females on the planet. Her popularity was surging as she was destroying opponents left-and-right in mere seconds, and was thought to be unbeatable. That was until, former champion boxer, turned MMA star, Holly Holm appeared on the scene and they faced off in Australia.

Vegas gambler – Dave Oancea, saw an opportunity few did and placed a $20,000 bet on Holm. The odds were set at 11:1. As soon as the fight started, things became clear. Rousey struggled to get a takedown and proved to be no-match for Holm on the feet, who won by way of high-kick KO in round two.

Charles Barkley Bets on the Patriots

Even though Barkley is a Hall of Famer and an All-Time best Sixer, in pop-culture he’s become famous for his propensity to lose money on gambling. It’s said that his total losses are over $10 million. And despite betting big on sport’s games, he fancies a seat at the blackjack table too.

But just because he’s lost a bunch, doesn’t mean that he hasn’t won, now and again. In 2002, he put down half a million on the New England Patriots to pull off the upset in Super Bowl XXXVI and walked away with $800,000.

Darren Yates Wins Seven Horse Races in One Day

The name might not mean anything to you, but in horse racing circles, Yates is known as the man that pulled off the “magnificent seven”. It’s a bit peculiar to go down in betting history due to events that transpired during a single day, but the world is a peculiar place, sometimes.

In 1996, Yates placed a £62 bet that a jockey named Frankie Dettorri would win all of his seven rides that day. He did, and the bet paid £550,000.