VIDEO: A Large Pack of Rob Ryans Appeared at the Mardi Gras Parade

Wherever they’re going will soon run out of beer and chicken wings.  Continue Reading →

The Motivational T-Shirts of the NFL Playoff Teams

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PICTURE: Saints Fan of Your Nightmares

He must have forgotten his ball gag at home. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton Forgot How to Use Binoculars

He think players look much smaller than they used to. Continue Reading →

Superdome Ad Suggests They Should’ve Tried Energy Alternatives for Power

Another possibility would have been capturing the heat energy from Ray Lewis’ bullshit. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Accepts Invitation to Speak at a New Orleans Dark Alley “That is totally not a trap”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was scheduled to speak today at a dark alley near the intersection of Bourbon Street and St. Ann Street in New Orleans' famed French Quarter. "I'm ... Continue Reading →

Saints Fan Achieves Pinnacle of Saints Fandom: Televised Roger Goodell Hating

Love of football and hatred of Roger Goodell unites all fan bases. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Sux Jersey

There’s no reason this should be the best-selling jersey in America. Continue Reading →

RIP Baseball

The deciding game of our nation’s pastime is no Saints-Broncos Week 8. Continue Reading →

Best Saints Fan Ever

The back of the shirt with KILL ROGER GOODELL is even better. Continue Reading →

Sean Payton is Rocking the Braces

He put a bounty out on snaggle teeth. Continue Reading →

Lady is Very Happy That the Saints Have Won Two in a Row

Aw, come on, mom. You're embarrassing us. Continue Reading →

Angry, Old Packers Fan Doesn’t Like Saints Fan

He learned that language following Packers players on Twitter. Continue Reading →