VIDEO: Ohio State’s Marcus Hall Gives Michigan Crowd the Finger After Getting Ejected

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Spike Albrecht is Ollie from “Hoosiers” Grandson?

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with the Turtle Who Bit Woody Hayes in the Penis

Ohio State's Urban Meyer told a story about Woody Hayes over the weekend at an Ohio coaching convention. According to Meyer, in 1986 a retired Hayes attempted to teach Ohio State ... Continue Reading →

South Carolina is Still Very Much Enjoying Jadeveon Clowney’s Hit

Should have put that ad in a Michigan newspaper. Continue Reading →

3-Year Old Girl Destroys South Carolina-Michigan Outback Bowl Refs

She makes more sense than most football analysts already. Continue Reading →

Outback Bowl Ref Redefines First Downs

It’s an exhibition game. Who cares. Continue Reading →

Asian Person Spotted at “College GameDay”

The sign is what gave it away. Continue Reading →

Suggested “College GameDay” Signs of the Week: Michigan vs. Alabama

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Michigan Fan Sings Love Song to Denard Robinson

He wants some Michigan man on man. Continue Reading →

Big Dicks: An Important College Football Issues

They could inhibit your running. It happens. Continue Reading →

Red Hot Chili Peppers Sing “The Victors” at Ohio State

A murder is a pretty rock'n'roll way to end a concert. Continue Reading →

Michigan Recruit Sets Ohio State Recruiting Letter on Fire

Good thing they didn’t e-mail him. He’d be out a computer. Continue Reading →

Score One for Michigan in the Rivalry with Ohio State

Maybe we should wait for Kate Upton to have a kid before we decide this. Continue Reading →

Brunette Girls Won Michigan the Sugar Bowl

He wouldn’t kick brunette girls out of bed. Just through the goal posts. Continue Reading →

The Worst Run in Football History

He's at the 5, he's at the 10, the 15, the 20, the 25, still going the wrong way, the 30. Continue Reading →

Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Follow the Michigan-Michigan State Rivalry Very Closely

They have a great line of Ohio State Wolverines shirts, too. Continue Reading →

Jetpack Gameball

Someone look under Denard Robinson’s jersey. He might have one of those on. Continue Reading →

A Michigan Man Can’t Drink as Much as a Michigan Grandma

They have to get drunk to forget how far the program has fallen over their lives. Continue Reading →