The big talk currently in the soccer world is the shocking news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Al Nassr. Who could have predicted that one of the greatest players of all time would leave Manchester United and join a team in the Middle East? And to think, he was club-less for the entire World Cup! Talk about a fall from grace. But hey, at least he’s got a new team to play for now—on the very last day of the year.

Many are unaware that Cristiano Ronaldo was considering joining Major League Soccer. Was it the allure of the almighty dollar that drew him in? Here’s the scoop on what really happened (or didn’t happen, as the case may be).


The rumor mill was rife with tales of Ronaldo’s team holding talks with different Major League Soccer clubs after his infamous departure from Manchester United. Naturally, this sparked a frenzy of excitement among American sports stakeholders as they eagerly anticipated the arrival of the “greatest player of all time” and the effects he would have on their cherished league. Sporting KC, ever the shrewd business people, acquired Ronaldo’s “discovery rights” and made a generous contract offer.

Let’s not forget the fans, who were practically drooling at the prospect of betting on Ronaldo’s games at sportsbooks like BetMGM Sportsbook Maryland (known for its juicy bonuses) and watching him strut his stuff on American soil. In fact, BetMGM Maryland at the time was providing customers with a unique bonus code (which is still active) that permitted them to place riskier wagers, and there was no better sport to take advantage of this promotion than an MLS league featuring the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. Or so they thought.

Fabrizio Romano, a transfer expert, claims that Sporting KC met with Ronaldo’s team before his now-famous interview with Piers Morgan. Romano claims the meetings included some heavy negotiations about the possibility of CR7 plying his trade in Kansas City for a hefty paycheck. Who wouldn’t want to watch Ronaldo play soccer in the heartland of America? 

Taylor Twellman tweeted about Sporting KC’s offer in response to Ronaldo’s alleged flirtation with MLS teams. And wouldn’t you know it, the tweet was promptly retweeted by none other than the owner of Sporting KC, Robb Heineman, leading many to believe that the story was, in fact, true. Even bigwigs like ESPN confirmed that several MLS clubs were interested in snagging Ronaldo. So what happened? How did a minor, obscure league like Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League manage to land one of the all-time greats? One can only wonder. Perhaps Ronaldo was just drawn in by the mysterious allure of the Middle East. Who knows?

Speculations about Ronaldo’s decision to sign for Al Nassr

Ronaldo has already cemented his place in the pantheon of soccer greats, but his move to Al Nassr has raised questions about how his legacy will be perceived. Some have argued that his decision to join a team in a less competitive league could damage his reputation and ruin his chances of winning another Ballon d’Or award. In contrast, others believe that it could be a chance for him to continue scoring goals and adding to his already impressive tally.

Some speculate that the move was motivated by financial considerations, as Al Nassr reportedly offered Ronaldo an exorbitant salary. Others believe that Ronaldo was swayed by the opportunity to help grow the game in the Middle East or that a mysterious clause in the contract sealed the deal. 

Following the FIFA World Cup hosted by Qatar, there’s a clear sign of the growing influence of soccer in the Middle East. The region has been investing heavily in the sport in recent years, and the acquisition of Ronaldo is a symbol of its ambition to become a major player on the global soccer stage. It is rumored that as part of Ronaldo’s agreement with the Saudi Arabian club, he will serve as an ambassador for the club and soccer in the country. The club and country are reportedly hoping to win the rights to host a World Cup in the near future, and Ronaldo is rumored to be involved in Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the tournament in 2030. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Speculations have it that Cristiano Ronaldo desperately sought out a club that participated in the Champions League to maintain his status as the tournament’s top goal scorer but was unsuccessful in his search. Moreover, a clause in the agreement of Ronaldo with Al Nassr is rumored to permit him to play in the Champions League once more in the future. This clause is said to imply that Ronaldo could go on loan to Newcastle and play in the Champions League if the club—owned by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Funds—qualifies for the competition. Perhaps this is what drew him to the offer from AI Nassr.

Another side of the debate speculates that Ronaldo has won everything there is to win in European football and is seeking new challenges. Ronaldo said in his unveiling interview at Al Nassr, “In Europe, my work is done. I won everything. This is not the end of my career.”.

Ronaldo’s transfer to Al Nassr is a significant step in the soccer world and one that both supporters and pundits will closely follow. It will be intriguing to observe how the Portuguese star performs for his new squad and how his departure from Manchester United will affect the team and the soccer community as a whole. Who knows what other shocking moves the Saudi Pro League has up its sleeves? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that the Saudi Pro League has pulled off a significant coup, leaving MLS and its fans in the dust.