The Boston Bruins are currently the leading team in the NHL. They are also the favorite betting horse (or should we say bear), running well ahead of the pack. But it is a well-known fact, that most teams try to get even better before the trade deadline. So, if the Bruins were to look for a little help, where should they direct their gaze? Here are a few ideas.

Who could the Bruins send out?

With only a couple of million dollars in hand, the Boston Bruins will need to think of various solutions, if they want to bring in a big fish. They may be looking at trading one of their players. The two names most discussed all year, have been Craig Smith and Mike Reilly (currently playing in the AHL), both earning around 3 million per year. If they get another defenseman in return, they may also look at Brandon Carlo, whom at 4.1 million is not necessarily the best investment, knowing that he has suffered a few head shots in his young career, already. It may bother some of the Bruins fans though, but that is nothing a good sports communication company like Samba Digital could not deal with, if they had to. Now, let’s look at various levels of players that the Bruins could bring in.

Top Guy: Patrick Kane

If you look at the value per dollar of a player, it is true that Kane is certainly not on top of that column, with his salary reaching 10.5 million for 9 goals and 35 points. What Kane has, though, is Stanley Cup playoffs experience, winning it three times, in 2010, 2013 and 2015, while one of these years beating the Bruins in 6 games. It is easy to imagine him playing on a Marchand and Bergeron line. These three would certainly cause fear in the eyes of adversaries. Would the asking price be too much, and how could they make him fit on their payroll? That remains to be seen.

Depth Defenseman: Luke Schenn

There has been a lot of talk about Schenn being a good addition for the Bruins. His salary is certainly one that they could absorb, without having to trade anyone. With the chemistry that the Bruins players share, it may be a good idea not to mess with the team spirit, by shipping someone out. His 12 points, on a weak Vancouver Canucks team, could be much higher on this high-energy squad. And most all, he likes to stop pucks, which the Bruins would love him to do for them.

Additional Center: Ivan Barbashev

It sure looks like the St. Louis Blues won’t make a miracle this year, as they seem to be one of the teams that will miss the playoffs. Maybe it is time for the Bruins to come knocking on their door, for a little help at the position of center. Ivan Barbashev would certainly be superior to their fourth line center Tomas Nosek. And if Coyle happened to hurt himself in the course of action, from now till the end of the season, Barbashev would be a good fit on their third line, as well.