When you look at 2020 Super Bowl Odds from top betting sites, the Chiefs have the edge over the 49ers. But if you look closely, you’ll see that advantage is almost negligible. At the same time, the total is projected to be 50-55 points. Barring, any unforeseen event, this will be a shootout. Kansas City’s passing going toe to toe with San Francisco’s running.

Super Bowl 54 Odds from MyBookie.ag

  • SAN FRANCISCO +2 (-115) +105 O 55 (-115)
  • KANSAS CITY -2 (-105) -125 U 55 (-105)

Actors always say they are “happy just to be nominated” for an award. The Niners are probably happy just to be in the Super Bowl. Especially considering they are the second most unlikely team ever to be in such a position. At least according to ESPN staff writer Bill Barnwell. And it’s easy to see where he’s coming from. The 49ers’ last winning season had taken place in 2013. Their greatest achievement in the ensuing five seasons was finishing .500. And then they jump from 4-12 in 2018 to 13-3 in 2019.

And their record is not the only area wherein they have improved from last season. San Francisco went from six takeaways to 27; from 27th to second in pass defense; from 30th to 19th in points per red zone possession; and from worst average starting field position to second-best average starting field position, among other accomplishments. The Niners are so much better than last year that two points is not close enough for some Super Bowl betting sites.

Odds from GTBets.eu to Bet the Super Bowl LIV

  • SAN FRANCISCO 1 (-104) +105 O 54 (-109)
  • KANSAS CITY-1 (-114) -125 U 54 (-109)

However, not everyone is a believer. “Several assistants and executives around the NFL believe the Chiefs will blow out the Niners”, reports Clutch Points.com. An NFC assistant is quoted as saying, “There is no defense against Mahomes right now”. Never mind that as lowly a team as the Colts held KC to 13 points. Or that San Francisco’s defense is like nothing the Chiefs faced in the regular season. Or that Kansas City’s own defense, particularly against the run, leaves them as exposed as Green Bay against San Fran.

In all fairness, though, Mahomes is so in the zone right now, Mike Florio is advocating for late hits. “You trade the risk of 15 yards if you can send a message. Football is still a physical, violent game. if you can hit him, even if it’s close to the sideline, even if he’s maybe started into his slide, when the championship is riding on it, it’s a different analysis,” (also quoted by Clutch Points). Speaking of Mahomes, top betting sites also have odds on prop bets such as Super Bowl MVP.

SUPERBOWL LIV MVP odds from MyBookie

  • TYREEK HILL +1900
  • TRAVIS KELCE +2100
  • NICK BOSA +1700
  • DEEBO SAMUEL +2300

The MVP trophy usually goes to the quarterback of the winning team. And if the Chiefs win, you can easily envision Mahomes getting the MVP nod. Not quite the same with the Niners, though. Jimmy Garoppolo is doing a great job, but his job, as seen against the Packers, is mostly a game manager. If SF beats KC like they beat GB, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see a running back honored as the MVP. Perhaps Raheem Mostert? And as a matter of fact, there are odds for the MVP winner’s position as well.


Additional props involve touchdowns, field goals, the national anthem, the coin toss, the Gatorade shower, the halftime show and many, many, many more.