It’s been a dreadful 2020 for the Jets, who have been defeated in each of their opening six games this season. It’s their worst start since 1996, and second-year coach Adam Gase is beginning to feel the heat. Their 24-0 humbling at the hands of the Dolphins was the latest in a long line of disappointing outcomes, and despite reports suggesting that they are practicing hard, and training with plenty of gusto, the recent results have tended to suggest otherwise. If you had been on the right side before the game with BetOnline, you could have gotten the Dolphins for great value!

Although Gase has experimented with a number of novel ideas in recent weeks, including forcing his players to take weekly synchronised swimming lessons, his latest plan to save the Jets’ ailing campaign is easily his most outlandish yet. With fans quickly losing interest, and the players suffering from a lack of confidence, the 42-year old has decided to call Jets legend Vinny Testaverde out of retirement for the remainder of 2020.

The quarterback has already been lured out of retirement once when stepping in to replace the injured second-year quarterback Matt Leinart at the Cardinals back in 2007. However, very few football fans could have forecast his sensational return to the game at 56-years old. Testaverde, who now resides in Florida, didn’t have to think twice about re-joining the Jets and is excited to get started at the MetLife Stadium.

He still holds multiple NFL records and is famed for his statistical achievements, and although he isn’t expected to be pitched straight into the action, his presence should give the struggling Jets a genuine lift. Testaverde still keeps himself in relatively good shape, with lengthy Swingball marathons in his back garden enabling him to maintain his overall fitness.

Although he has played very little competitive football since calling it a day, the former Heisman Trophy winner does occasionally work on his arm strength with his son Vincent Jr, who signed with the Buccaneers as an undrafted free agent in 2019. Unfortunately, his services weren’t required by the Tampa Bay franchise, although he is still regularly spotted at the Ray Jay, cheering on his former teammates. The Buccaneers have made a positive start in the NFC South, and are 9/2 second favorites in the latest American football odds to win the NFC Championship this season.

Testaverde’s return makes him the oldest QB in the NFL by some distance, although the incomparable Tom Brady is edging towards his mid-40s, and continues to roll back the years for the aforementioned Buccaneers.

The All-American admits that he’s looking forward to getting started, especially considering that his new role will enable him to be excused from completing daily errands such as emptying the trash and mopping the kitchen floor.

It remains to be seen whether he can displace Sam Darnold as the season progresses, however, the sight of the iconic QB at the training camp will give the entire franchise a much-needed lift. Gase is hoping that he can help unite the entire camp, which will hopefully result in an upturn in form. Some sceptics have suggested that his return is a final throw of the dice by an under-fire coach, however, it may just prove to be an extremely savvy move, which could have the potential to kick-start the Jets’ extremely underwhelming season.