Most NFL stars gain fame and fortune during their time playing in the field, but now Patrick Mahomes is doing it off the field by making history.

Patrick Mahomes, who is the reigning Super Bowl MVP, just signed a $450 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. This deal has crashed records in all other sports besides NFL. And this is particularly very admirable.

This signed deal runs for ten years, and it officially kicks off in the year 2022. According to BetOnline, the Chiefs are one of the favorites to make it back to the SuperBowl again.  Throughout this period, Mahomes will earn a handsome average of 45 million dollars, which will sum up to a total of 503 million dollars if he hits all the targets plus incentives set up. These incentives are like the bonuses for the appearances Super bowl as well as holding the title of the NFL MVP.

What makes this deal historical?

This contract is unlike any made in the history of sports. And the first reason is that the salary amount is colossal, and secondly, the duration of the contract is quite lengthy.

The record contact that stood before this one was Matt Ryan’s extension deal worth $150 million. The extension deal with the Atlanta Falcons was to last for five years as of 2018.

In 2019, Russel Wilson, Seahawks quarterback, got a four-year extension contact as well with a net worth of $140 million.

In hindsight, these two deals took up the topmost paying contracts in NFL history, but that seems to have changed.

Patrick Mahomes seems to have this in the bag, breaking a record and securing quite a lump sum amount of money at the end of the ten years.

What other sports is Patrick Mahomes’ contract beating?

Baseball happens to be one of the sports that is seeing major competition. The sport has had its fair share of huge dealings making its way into the MLN history books.

In 2019, the player Mike Trout signed with Los Angeles on a $427 million deal that extends to twelve years. In a year, the player would be earning an estimate of $35.5 million per playing season.

Mahomes has surpassed this amount by a clean 10 million dollars, making him take up this top position.

Mahomes is seeing quite a progressive hyper-acceleration of his career at just 24 years old. The player has played two full seasons in the NFL after starting in his 2017 rookie campaign. In 2018 he took the league MVP title with a 50 passing touchdowns record.

This past season he led the Kansas City to their first Super Bowl win after 40 years.

So far, Patrick Mahomes has provided a massive return on the 2017 round draft pick. Returning 16.4 million dollars.

He has also topped the Spotrac’s NFL ranking as a great player and one with a high salary. He was fifth on this list.

So far, he has earned 13.72 million dollars. Per season he gets an average of 443 thousand dollars, and for every touchdown, he gets 181 thousand dollars.

Another player who reaches this amount is Mitchel Trubisky, who was drafted at eight spots ahead of the MVP in the past 2017 NFL draft. The Chicago bears gave him 24.63 million dollars paying him 8.3 million per season, 601 thousand per game and 523 thousand dollars per touch down.

Other sports giants that earn it big

Currently, in history books, Mahomes is the forecasted highest earner in American sports across the board. But he is not the only one to make it to these levels.

Eli Mannings, a former New York Giant quarterback, played for 16 years and secured a total of $252.3 million.

LeBron James, a Los Angeles Laker basketball player, has made $306.9 million over 17 years.

MLB baseman, Albert Pujols, got $309.2m throughout his career over 21 seasons.

What makes Mahomes contract unique.

First of all, the player is just 24 years, which means that he is still in his prime years. If he is earning this well at just 24, imagine what he will be worth when he hit 36?

Well an estimate of this shows that he might surpass Albert Pujols number by close to $100 million

The player will continue to earn big for as long as he remains the chief’s quarterback.