With the Corona Virus Taking its toll in the sports industry. Most sports tournaments from soccer to basketball have been suspended. And, there is no guarantee that the seasons will continue this year.

But, what happens to the NBA stars who were planning to retire this season. The 2018/19 season might actually be the last time we go to see them play.

You might want to replay the 2018/19 season matches of these players. Unless the season continues after the possible 30 days. Or, better still, try out the us online casino basketball slot games, you never know which player you might bump might bump into.

Vince Carter

We all know Vince Carter from his legendary 1999 slam dunk contest. Carter is quite popular for his shooting skills. Carter announced that this year is his last year in the NBA.

The basketball legend has played for the Toronto Raptors, New Jersey Nets, and the Atlanta Hawks. Now that this season has been canceled, we might have watched the 43-year-old’s last performance against the Knicks.

Udonis Haslem

Unlike Vince Carter, 39-year-old Udonis Haslem does not seem to have made any basketball moments. But we do know that he played in the NBA.

He has spent most of his life in Basketball playing for the Miami Heat. Sadly, he has been on the reserve bench of the squad for about 5 seasons now.

Kyle Korver

Sources say that the 39-year-old might be considering retiring this season. That is, of course, if it even takes place this year.

Korver has surely come a long way in the NBA. The good thing is that he still managed to leave in style in his last match against the Denver Nuggets. He managed to score a total of 23 points in just 24 minutes.

Tyson Chandler

Chandler has given hints about his retirement this year. The 37-year-old has played for quite a number of teams in the NBA.

Also, Chandler is best known as the most talented defender in the NBA. Which explains how he even managed to appear in the Olympics at some point.