The New York Knicks, who haven’t won an NBA championship since 1973, are now the overwhelming favorite to capture this year’s title. The Knicks have been in obscurity since the 90s, except for one exceptional Carmelo Anthony season, in which they couldn’t get out of the second round. 

However, everybody in New York is set to crown them champions, even though the Brooklyn Nets have Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. New York media coverage hasn’t been able to venture beyond the Brooklyn bridge, never mind outside the city. But what has called for this massive turnaround? If you agree with New Yorkers, make sure to capitalize with BetOnline!

Winning Culture

There is an air of winning for some franchises in NBA circles. The teams that just do things the right way. Teams with strong leadership and culture have won it multiple times, like the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Lakers.  

The Knicks have stumbled onto a management squad that has finally bound and gagged controversial owner James Dolan and brought winning back to Madison Square Garden. The hype has optimism oozing out of New York, perpetuated by First Take’s own Stephen A. Smith. 

It’s title or bust. For some strange reason, the sports betting spots outside of New York have the Brooklyn Nets favored at +250. They must not have been watching the games. The Knicks are at a +6600, which seems like easy money for an average New York Knicks fan.  

Superstar Players

Of course, the Knicks have now captured a bit of that lightning in a bottle with an old Lebron James agent (maybe he’ll sign as a free agent in 2 years) and William Wesley, who seems to be friends with every player in the NBA. World Wide Wes’s connections seem to finally bring the dream of a Kentucky Wildcat NBA team to fruition. They already have five roster spots dedicated to John Calipari‘s old players.

Nevertheless, they have the most talented former Wildcat already at their disposal in the unstoppable Julius Randle. The former Lakers bust has turned his career around and become a tricky lefty with a complete game. He forms a big-three with the ghost of Derrick Rose and the pick every Knick fan thought was going to be Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett. Backed by lethal non-shooter Elfrid Payton and collateral from ‘The Process,’ Nerlens Noel, this rag-tag squad could be lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy come to the end of the season.

Hall of Fame Coach

Of course, the New York Knicks would be nothing without the “ICE” man. Tom Thibodeau is known for two things: defense and Derrick Rose. Luckily for the Knicks, he’s brought both of them this season, which always translates to a championship. Oh wait, he’s never actually won the NBA finals as a head coach. Nevertheless, he did ride the coattails of the Celtics title run in 2008 as an assistant. 

Despite the cynicism, he is a legendary defensive coach who has come up with incredible schemes to shut down opposing teams. He even has this Knicks team playing one of the best defenses in the NBA. He also has his star players playing the most minutes in the league, which has worked out well for in the past; just ask Derrick Rose. 

The New York Knicks are back, baby! The city is starving for an NBA title, so they have reason to label their city the Mecca of basketball and not be embarrassed that their hometown team hasn’t captured a title since Phil Jackson was donning the blue and orange on the court.