The NBA team Miami Heat had two All-Stars during this season. This happened again after four long years when Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade made the title back in 2016.

Even though the eyes were on Jimmy Butler in the running, a new star emerged from the team and stole the headlines. Bam Adebayo became a candidate for the Most Improved Player of the year, and popular on the NBA betting lines at BetOnline!

When Dwayne Wade made an appearance on NBA on TNT, he recalled making a prediction about the, now, Miami Heat star, Bam Adebayo. Wade said that he had a conversation with Bam, and they were predicting his stats for this season. Wade said that Adebayo would average at 14 points, 3.5 assists, and a total of eight rebounds. Wade continued to say that Adebayo told him that he would average at 16 points, five assists, and ten rebounds.

Wade admitted that he was entirely wrong with the predictions on Adebayo’s stats. In fact, Bam was spot on about the predictions, as he reached those numbers. While his co-hosts were laughing at him, Wade tried to laugh it off as well by saying how Bam could have called that is insane.

Many people expected that Bam Adebayo would improve eventually, but making the All-Star game was something else entirely. He proved that he is a promising player and a valuable part of the Miami Heat with his efforts.

Adebayo is not only a strong offensive player, but his defense is quite good as well. Even though he is 6’9″, Bam can excel on the glass. That is quite clear since he averaged at 10 rebounds in this season. While he isn’t an elite shot-blocker, his defensive abilities are boosted by his athleticism.

With the ball-handling and passing IQ Bam Adebayo has, he very well can be defined as a point center. His ability to drive into the paint or pick out the open man with ease makes him quite confident to bring the ball back from the inbound.

The world has seen big men, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, do incredible euro steps. But looking at the euro steps that Bam did against the Raptors, these would have made even Manu Ginobili proud. The smooth and simple actions make his fans go wild. He has also shown excellent leadership skills.

The man is only 23, and at his current rate, he might be an NBA legend someday.

In his previous game against the Boston Celtics, Bam Adebayo managed to lead the Miami Heat to a precious win. All in the absence of Jimmy Butler. The reason was that he sat on the bench with right ankle soreness on the game against the Celtics.

Butler is the best player in the team and their spiritual leader. Also, there are no benefits between the 4-5 line playing near Orlando, Florida. In the second back-to-back game in the bubble, it might have been excusable if the Heat took a night off.

However, Adebayo put the Heat on his back and led with all his energy in the game. The game would have been even stronger if he didn’t struggle at the free-throw line. But nonetheless, Adebayo managed to get the team a win against the Boston Celtics.

It seemed like all the Celtics could do during most of the game was to grab his long arms and send him to the line. This win moved the Heat within 1.5 games of overtaking Boston for the number 3 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Bam is a genuine case for the third team All-NBA center, and his last game certainly proved it.